1. Confessions of a Metro Commuter

    Psychologist on Subway

    Subway by Robert Neubecker

    During my morning commute I often think: “Once I step through these doors, there is no turning back.”

    Some theologians dispute the existence of purgatory. However, I am no longer skeptical. As a born-again heathen, even I have to set aside my doubts, breathe deeply and say a little prayer just as my train takes off.

    Every time I board a train in the Metrorail system,…

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  2. What is Worth Reading

    Milton Visits Galileo via the Wellcome Library

    Milton Visits Galileo

    What is Worth Reading provides a snapshot regarding what is going on regarding culture.  While there is not substitution for reporting, sometimes the most substantive work may  go unnoticed.  Hopefully,  you will find this useful.


    Shakespeare and the Modern World

    How can Shakespeare’s work, written 400 years ago still speak to the contemporary problems society…

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  3. filmanddonuts:

Dead Poets Society [Peter Weir, 1989]


    Dead Poets Society [Peter Weir, 1989]

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  4. sonsandbrothers:

Huge shoutout to our leaders who helped nudge society into uncharted territory with the Voting Rights Act. Without #MLK, #LBJ, and many others, we might be living in a very different world today.


    Huge shoutout to our leaders who helped nudge society into uncharted territory with the Voting Rights Act. Without #MLK, #LBJ, and many others, we might be living in a very different world today.

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  5. Confessions of a Fragmented Mind

    Pharmacy School

    There are some people who cannot walk, chew gum and text at the same time.   It takes skill be a pedestrian.

    There are 839 days until the next presidential election. I cannot contain my enthusiasm for the perpetual campaigning.

    Some cultural references I just do not understand. In time, this will change as I keep reading. However, there is one specific song that is driving me crazy.


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  6. 4 Steps for Soaring Beyond Routine Into the Extraordinary


    The weekend is over and it is time to return to the grind.

    And yet, the mind longs for more than the usual routine. A peaceful acceptance can be gained through step-by-step inquiry into our current state of being.

    My personal journey begins with the question: Where does this all come from?

    As a culture, our ambition has its origins in our competitive drive and incessant work ethic. Such relentless obsessions with achievement get many of us nowhere, and slowly.

    How surprising it is that the average car commuter spends an unbelievable 38 hours a week stuck in traffic?

    How can many of us function without our To Dolists and smart phones?

    Who are we without all our activities?

    I come from a long-line of East-Texas backwoods workhorses. My parents set the example with their unwavering discipline and determination. More than anything else, I want to make my mark in the world. And no, I do not want a throne or the keys to the kingdom.

    Yet, I want to keep striving for the extraordinary. I want life filled with accomplishments and to turn my dreams into reality. Unlike most Alpha-males, I do not always have to win. Nevertheless, I do not want my family’s sacrifice for my success to be in vain. It was not easy for my family to tolerate the underachieving son struggling throughout school.

    Every day I am hustling and I am not alone. Over the past few years of my life, I wanted the fortitude to fight on forever. But pushing myself usually got in the way. Some of my biggest mistakes have stemmed from rushing to finish an assignment.

    Sometimes, I am doing my best to manage the exhaustion from the work week.

    In order for me to change, I realized that I have to nurture my development and take time to cultivate learning without regard to outcomes. My reasons for deciding to change go beyond ambition or professional advancement.

    1. Self-Awareness

    As cliché as this first step may sound, it starts with identifying intentions. While growing up, my family and friends constantly challenged me by asking are you paying attention? Unfortunately, I have been struggling with my way ward attention span for all of my life and am a work-in-progress. Fortunately, I have an extraordinarily patient family and wonderful friends. I am learning so much.

    Self-knowledge is not feasible when we mindlessly surrender to routines, so examining motives seems worth the time. Meanwhile, it helps to set limits on activity.

    We have to cut out both physical and mental clutter in order to focus and think calmly.

    We cannot move forward until we understand the reasons behind our actions. More importantly, we cannot be true to ourselves until our actions fit our intentions.

    2. Preparation

    For the impatient person, the planning process appears less sexy than the desirable outcome. Our culture celebrates instant gratification. However, advance preparation, set in place with patience, sets the necessary baseline of forbearance, a tool with which one can face most situations gracefully.

    The most successful coaches always create a game plan ahead of time in order to defeat their opponent. Also, no one expects a construction crew to begin work without the architect’s blue prints.

    3. Focus

    Focus means giving total concentration, attention and awareness to what happens in the present moment and just ahead. Stress, on the other hand, tends to scatter brain cells, sending our awareness all over the map.

    As a society, I notice our increasing love for multitasking. Often, I think multitasking involves making several mistakes at the same time, and it feels like I’m living life with my eyes on a rearview mirror.

    By shutting down my use of social media, taking time to breath deeply, walk in nature and meditate, even the most fragmented of minds can tune in to the true self and tune out every little bit of irrelevant brain chatter.

    When I feel stuck or overwhelmed, I walk away from my desk. In the past, I trained myself to plough through everything. In other words, I sucked it up and suffered.

    I realize now there is wisdom in regrouping and allowing my mind to relax for a few moments. I never thought a lunch-time walk could become a mental and emotional refuge.

    Decompression from a stressful situation shows just as much dexterity as forging ahead.

    4. Reassessment

    Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, simply constitutes insanity. Regardless of how carefully we proceed, we will make mistakes. When this happens, we need to take a few steps back, reflect, gain perspective and understand what happened, but only before quickly using that information to create new strategies for the future.

    I’ve heard “We’ve always done it this way”used for the purpose of staying stuck, and I consider this a most dangerous phrase. Life does not always reward perfection, but it does repay resilience.

    This is why yoga has been so invaluable. I do not have the flexibility to muscle my way through each posture. There must be a balance between ease and effort in working through a sequence—an important lesson which I can apply in life.

    Enjoying the journey and not just the destination makes life so much more rewarding.

    This attitude requires patience, though, since overnight successes rarely occur. For most of us, this evolution of consciousness may take a lifetime of commitment, practice and improvement.

    Bit by bit, each step towards cultivating awareness and acceptance allows us to appreciate more of our important, valuable lives, leading us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

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    3 months ago

  7. The Power of Self Expression

When in doubt, always remember ladies first.  When writers feel their creativity blocked or stifled, they look for inspiration.  

    The Power of Self Expression

    When in doubt, always remember ladies first.  When writers feel their creativity blocked or stifled, they look for inspiration.  

    4 months ago

  8. In Celebration of Shakespeare

    Shakespeare's Desk by Ted and Anthony John Peters

    William Shakespeare was born 450 years ago this month.  He was born to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden in Stratford-upon-Avon in England.  The Bard’s contributions to literature are substantial. The Complete Works of Shakespeare is second only to King James Bible regarding its influence upon culture.

    Speaking of culture, some students initially cringe when teachers cover Shakespeare’s plays.…

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  9. What Is At Stake With Online Skimming

    In the morning the alarm sounds and the ritual begins.  People turn on their technology as they get ready for work.  As rush hour begins, more of us are engaging in a digital symphony of sifting through content.

    With the click of a mouse, individuals can obtain access to the information they want.  This is the power of high-end computing which includes computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets.  However, scientists are warning us of the consequences of constant web surfing.

    According a recent piece in  The Washington Post,scientists conclude that human beings are developing digital brains.  The digital mind focuses on skimmingthrough information.

    We need individuals asking probative questions and a providing context to thrive in the workplace.  Unfortunately, our culture is now dominated by nonstop cable TV news that gives sound bites and snapshots.  Also, we are also spending an average of five hours per day online according to eMarketer.

    The good news is the brain is adapting to the  barrage of social media, e-mails and text messages.  The bad news is that comprehension and reading are adversely affected by all of this.  Our minds are developing short cuts to process all of this information.

    There is nothing wrong with finding an efficient way to manage your information.  Sometimes a quick scan regarding “latest and greatest” on Facebook is the only sensible way.  Television alone has reduced our collective attention spans.  Some teachers are complaining that students are struggling through the classics.  How can civilization survive when we cannot grasp Shakespeare’s verses and Austen’s sentences?

    There is a difference between online and print reading.  Based on some initial studies, researchers conclude that comprehension seems better with paper.  Specialists have expressed concerns regarding learning when the love for technology can hamper their reading.  At this point, experts recommend more research regarding the differences between text and screen reading.

    We cannot turn back the clock.  We all love the convenience of technology and how it makes life easier.   Yet, we have to take a break for the sake our of brain cells. Life demands constant adaptation and learning.  This happens when our minds can deal with the details.

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  10. Random Thoughts and Observations

    (c) The University of Aberdeen; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

    Is there a fine line between normality and the straight jacket?  The line is blurring. If life is about survival of the fittest, I am toast.  At this point, I am unsure if I can last seven seconds in the Serengeti.

    We are all just finding our way in the food chain.  Lately, I feel more combustible with each commute.  After work, my brains cells are turning into peanut butter.  My knees are…

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